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Hi, I’m Susan Levy, founder of the Well-Fed Heart, its publications and video series.

Trusted Patient Education

We’re proud to have the continuing support of fine medical centers who have joined us on this 26 year journey in heart-healthy living.

Whether it’s purchasing printed booklets for their patients  or linking to our recipes, doctors trust our content for the careful clinical reviews and dietitian-approved recipes.

Organizations can contact us about how to use our recipes and content for their needs in print, on the web, or linking to this site.

Why People Love Our Recipes

We understand that most people only have a handful or recipes (heart-healthy or not) that they cook regularly.  Our goal is to provide you with at least 10 new recipes that you love and will rely on. Each recipe includes a beautiful photograph that shows the finished dish. Instructions are just 5 steps or less with tips from the Seasoned Cook. And, most of our recipes can be adapted for both meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Delicious and Heart-Healthy

Gone are the days when the terms heart-healthy and delicious didn’t co-exist. Ours are recipes you’ll be proud to serve family and friends: a feast for the eyes, taste buds, heart and budget.

The Authenticity of Experience

The Heart-Healthy Woman Blog gives readers a glimpse of my own heart-healthy struggles – the good, bad, funny, and hopefully insightful. This blog is targeted toward baby-boomers, people with life experience just like me. However, since heart-disease can begin in childhood, it’s important for all of us to learn and share heart-healthy wellness ideas.

Each week subscribers get an emailed newsletter with my take on heart-healthy news, trends and ideas, plus a new recipe. I like to think of it as aspirational, because we’re never too old to aspire to be our best heart-healthy selves.

Contact Us Now

Contact the Well-Fed Heart and Susan Levy by calling (206) 842-8588.