THE 8 PRINCIPLES of A HEART-HEALTHY WOMAN Making Better Choices for Life-front

Heart-Healthy Women Put Themselves First

Have you ever noticed those people who seem to give off that healthy vibe? It comes from…

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RT-MT ST HELEN_Sure Felt Like a Climb To Me

How to Create Your Own Heart-Healthy Path

When I intentionally began my heart-healthy journey five years ago…

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THE 8 PRINCIPLES of A HEART-HEALTHY WOMAN Making Better Choices for Life-front


A month ago I talked about stay-cationing here in the Northwest and blocking out time for writing my new book – THE 8 PRINCIPLES of A HEART-HEALTHY WOMAN, Making Better Choices for Life.

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How Barbara Bush Inspired Me

Beyond our obvious love of pearls, years ago Barbara Bush really wowed me with…

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grand magazine-1

My Grand Food Debut

What do Jack Canfield and Susan Levy have in common? Grand!

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Is Dr. Oz Having an Oprah Moment or a Paula Deen Fall?

Last week Dr. Oz was called out at a Congressional Hearing for his weight loss shows being more…

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Grains Girl Caves to Gluten-Free Craze

Let me be clear. Ordinarily, I don’t do fad diets, don’t even pay attention to them. I’m one of those people who figured out that…

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Avoid Red Wine, Chocolate, and Milkshakes?

Last week the big health news was about resveratrol, the substance found in red wine and dark chocolate that we all came to…

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Are You Fed Up Yet?

“I get it now…I can’t believe that I’ve allowed myself to be…”

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How Do You Add Veggies to a Heart-Healthy Plate?

If these plates could talk…

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