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Clinically Reviewed Booklets Doctors Trust

Patient Education Booklets

Clinically Reviewed Booklets Doctors Trust

Proven Cardiac Health Booklets - Branded for your Organization

  • Proven Cardiac Health Booklet
  • Branded For Your Organization
  • Effective, affordable, customized
  • Where patient education meets marketing

Highlight your facilities, people, services and programs:

  • Programs Raise awareness of your service line strengths and partners
  • Physicians & Facilities Showcase the professionals and environment your patients encounter every day
  • Patients Foster patient satisfaction by highlighting programs, courses and events for the whole family
  • Cross-Promotion Dedicate space to complementary services
  • Customize Measure the ROI you want
  • Market Exclusivity Available

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“For 14 years Prairie Heart has used the heart-healthy guide as the primary tool in support of community outreach and education. We serve a large rural geographic region in Illinois and the recipes and content resonate well with our market. We distribute our guide in almost 40 sites, and are often asked when the new edition will be available. That’s why we continue year after year to build this into our budget.”
James P. Zito, FACCA
CEO, Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois
EVP, Prairie Cardiovascular, Springfield, IL

Why a Printed Booklet?

In the online age, as inboxes become congested, print marketing may be more powerful than ever. While an email may get deleted without a second glance, our Heart-Healthy Booklets (branded for your hospital) are packed with the kind of delicious recipes and helpful articles that patents use for years to come.

The Core:

The “keeper size” (8.5″ x 5.5″) Heart-Healthy Booklet contains 32 pages of consumer friendly, clinically reviewed cardiac health information – your covers, plus 4 or 8 pages of custom content dedicated to your physicians and services. It’s magazine quality and branded for your hospital.


You can direct mail it, place it in discharge packets, waiting rooms, and cafeterias. One medical center has over 300 distribution partners that extends their reach beyond usual facilities and physician offices into grocery stores, pharmacies, health clubs, and more!

Cost Savings:

With more than 20 million Heart-Healthy Booklets in print, this wellness publication has proven its value time and again. And we make production easy by putting it all together. Whether you want 10,000 or 100,000, you enjoy a cost savings over in-house production staff time and budget.

“Heart Smart Living is our #1 go-to teaching tool for cardiovascular wellness and rehabilitation programs. It’s also our give-away at health presentations in the community and to the general public. We like the clinical review that it undergoes and the thoughtful production values that include consulting dietitians. Kudos!”
Nancy Goodale Graham, Registered Dietitian
Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute,
Sacred Heart Medical Center, PeaceHealth, Eugene, OR

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We understand every organization’s marketing needs are different, so we don’t provide set pricing. Instead we work with you to create a package that meets your needs at a price that fits your budget.

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